Microwave transmitter and receiver 10.5Ghz (2019+)

Microwave transmitter and receiver 10.5Ghz (2019+)

10.5Ghz MW transmitter

10.5Ghz MW receiver

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    The most advanced microwave transmitter-receiver kit available in the world. Development of this device took two years of work.

    Transmitter features:

    • HIGH directivity dielectric antenna technology (EXCLUSIVE)
    • 3.5mm jack audio modulation input
      • compatible with most smartphones/pc/mp3 player audio out
    • 650Hz square wave over 10.5Ghz carrier signal output
    • Differently from all other models on the market, it does NOT use a gunn diode. It has instead a reliable and low power RF semicondutor transmitter.

    Receiver features:

    • 3.5mm jack audio demodulated signal output:
      • 1Vrms for audio line inputs, including most audio cards with automatic gain control
      • Optionally: rectified DC voltage for  measurement with a multimeter (minimum order 100pcs)
    • Ultra-high sensitivity demodulator circuitry (EXCLUSIVE)

    Common features:

    • HIGH directivity dielectric antenna technology (EXCLUSIVE)
    • 12V supply
    • IEC 61000-4-2 25KV compliant input/output for high ESD tolerance
    • Compact and lightweight (EXCLUSIVE – yes – really)
    • Can be rotated easily on two axes with the optional mount
    • Protractor +-90° with 1° resolution (EXCLUSIVE)
    • Replaceable antenna with bajonet mount (many accessories available) (EXCLUSIVE)

    Available customizations (bulk quantity only):

    • Whitelabeling
    • Custom plastic colour
    • Custom enclosure paint/anodization
    • Custom logo onto the 3D printed plastic components
    • Custom colour and text behind the antenna
    • DC rectified out instead of AC audio signal

    Bayonet system:

    Comparison with the 2017 model:


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