Datacenter-grade technology for manufacturing

Extract data from unwilling machinery

The key to connect quickly to partially-unkown hardware is being able to iterate fast. Write, test, make mistakes as efficiently as possible.

Houston nodes can connect to almost anything with wires. Modbus PLCs, networked controllers, RS485 legacy devices, analog sensors, OPC-UA SCADA interfaces and HMIs.


Search into the past, keep an eye on the present

Houston allows you to search through your data in seconds. See your whole production plant across time, and just click your way through untill you isolate the problem.

Houston search tecnology is used in datacenters to filter through thousands of server’s historical logs.

It will handle a few parallel production lines.

Understand, don't suppose.

With a complete sets of Data Science tools any trained Statistician, Engineer, Matematician or clever Programmer can extract serious insigts from the behaviour of your plant.

  • Which fluctuations in our manufacturing line are causing our products to fail?
  • How are our employees influencing the manufacturing process?
  • Can we increase manufacturing tolerances without decreasing quality?
  • What’s causing our machine’s downtime?
  • What’s causing our products to fail prematurely after a few months?

Houston supports both the R language and Python for data science, two of the most commonly adopted languages in European and US STEM degrees. You will be able to hire fresh and skilled minds, and get them to work straight away.



Security is fundamental when hardware assets are connected to Houston nodes

Behind your firewall

Houston nodes can be controlled exclusively from your local network. You don’t need to trust us.

Globally available

Houston data ingest points are completely redundant and available from the EU, US and Asia.


The data you send follows a strict chain of custody. It’s always redundantly written after it exits your factory.

Supported Protocols


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