NNG Logger

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NNG Logger (Next Next Generation logger) is a datalogging software that can interface with any USB device based on the open source data-chan framework. The User interface is simple to use and intuitive, based on modern web technologies. It scales across a broad range of devices: Desktop PCs, Windows tablets, Projectors, small laptops…

Companies that wish to do so, can quickly develop and extend the interface to connect with their hardware.

Simple data collection and export

The data you collected can quickly be exported in standard formats such as CSV (command separated values).

You will also be able to open SciDAVis (a popular data analysis software) with just one click.

Editable math for each experiment

NNG Logger allows you to edit in real time the equations that define the behaviour of the apparatus and edit the flow of measures.

The math is rendered in human-friendly notation and the software natively supports units of measurement, matrix computations and statistical operations.

Real time charts

NNG Logger can display a real time plot of each cell, allowing you to quickly adjust your experimental parameter and keep an eye on the progress of the experiment.

Included manual with every experiment

Each scientific instrument compatible with NNG Logger includes the PDF handbook with experimental procedures and a user manual. Every student can access it with one click.